All too often, patients with non-emergent medical problems have no choice but to wait it out in crowded Emergency Departments. Whether your PCP is booked or it’s after hours, our board certified practitioners are standing by waiting to serve you.

  • 10 minutes response

  • Immediate video session

  • Insurance accepted

It is the process of coordinating medication refills, which means you can pick them up on the same day every month. At Wellness Family Pharmacy, we will make sure you: adhere to your medication schedule from meeting the correct dosage, taking medication at proper intervals, and not failing to take any of your medications. Med-Sync ensures that you will have the right medication at all times.

Medicare patients are eligible to receive remote monitoring services without any out of pocket expenses. Remote monitoring will help track your vital signs on a daily basis, advise, and treat you when they detect a problem. They will even alert your own doctors of issues to help manage your condition before you end up in the hospital.

Our pharmacy has partnered up with various shelters and facilities in the Philadelphia region to serve the residence and staff remotely. Our clinics include COVID-19 vaccine administration, COVID-19 testing, immunizations, telemedicine, and onsite medication delivery.

We are currently carrying the following vaccines:

  • COVID-19

  • Influenza

  • Shingrix

  • Pneumovax & Prevnar

  • Gardasil

  • Twinrix

  • Tdap

  • MMR

  • Varicella